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Features | Security Gateway for Email Servers

Feature Category
Account Hijack Detection External Threats
Anti-Spoofing: Callback Verification, IP Shielding, and Reverse Lookups External Threats
Anti-Spoofing: DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) and Sender Policy Framework (SPF) External Threats
Anti-Spoofing: Domain-Based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) External Threats
Anti-Spyware: via Zero-Hour Threat Detection External Threats
Attachment Filtering: Block or Allow Attachments by Type External Threats
Backscatter Protection External Threats
Blacklists: Block by Addresses (Domain or Email), Hosts, and IP Address External Threats
DNS and URI Blacklists External Threats
Dynamic Screening and DDoS Defense External Threats
Extract Text from Attachments External Threats
Greylisting External Threats
Heuristic and Bayesian Engines External Threats
Location Screening External Threats
Message Certification External Threats
Message Content Filtering External Threats
Message Scoring External Threats
Multiple AV Engines External Threats
Preset File Types External Threats
Recurrent Pattern Detection External Threats
Relay Control External Threats
SMTP Authentication External Threats
Tarpitting External Threats
Threat Signature Updates External Threats
Whitelists: Exempt by Addresses (Domain or Email), Hosts, and IP Address External Threats
Zero-Hour Virus Outbreak Protection External Threats
Data Leak Prevention Internal Threats
Encryption: SSL and TLS Internal Threats
Policy Enforcement: using Sieve Filter Language Internal Threats
Bandwidth Throttling Performance
Defense Layer Customization Performance
100% Mobile-Optimized Web-Based Control Panel GUI Administration
Available in Multiple Languages Administration
Database Maintenance Administration
Disclaimer Available in Headers and Footers Administration
Domain/IP Binding for Multi-IP Environments Administration
Domains and Users: Automatic Domain & User Creation Administration
Domains and Users: Domain Administrator Settings and Per User Options Administration
Domains and Users: Unlimited Account Aliases Administration
Email & Attachment Encryption, Tracking & Proof of Delivery, and Message E-Sign Services Administration
Email Archiving (On-Premise Only) Administration
Flexible Email Delivery Options: Direct Delivery or via Smart Host Administration
Message Quarantine Options: Domain-Level & User-Level Access Administration
Multiple Domains Administration
Support for Let's Encrypt Administration
Terms of Service Statement Administration
Account Options: Admin-Level and Individual Quarantine Management Administration
Account Options: Individual Message Logs, Whitelists, and Blacklists Administration
Drill-Down Features with Color-Coded Transcripts Logs
Historical Logs: System, Inbound, Outbound, and HTTP with Configurable Log Retention Logs
Message Logs: Domain, Global, and Quarantined Messages Logs
AntiSpam: Top Senders by Domain and Top Recipients by User Reports
AntiVirus: Inbound & Outbound Blocked and by Virus Name Reports
Drill-Down Features with Color-Coded Transcripts Reports
Email: Total Number of Messages Processed, Top Recipients by Number of Messages, and Top Recipients by Message Size Reports
Real-Time Charting Reports
Scheduled Statistics Report Reports
Summary: Inbound vs. Outbound Traffic, Junk Mail Breakdown, and Bandwidth Utilization Reports with Extensive Search & Filter Options Reports